Acting Coaching

In a one-on-one coaching session, I will use my 10+ years of experience from the rehearsal room, the classroom, and the audition room to help you nail the audition or unlock your performance. In our session, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Receive one-on-one attention to help you develop your skills and improve your technique
  • Practice your audition skills or test performance choices in a safe and supportive environment
  • Receive feedback on your performance anchored in your character and the story you’re telling
  • Build confidence and learn how to handle the pressure of auditions

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Producer & Project Consulting

Overseeing your own theatrical project is a big undertaking! I will use my wide-ranging experience as a self-producer and producing Artistic Director to help bring your creative vision to life and help you approach your project in manageable steps. Together we can tackle:

  • Concept development: Guiding storytelling, character development, and overall project scope
  • Budgeting & Financing: Planning detailed production budgets, taking into account all aspects of the project, as well as exploring funding sources
  • Scheduling & Logistics: Developing comprehensive production schedules, coordinating various aspects such as design elements, hiring, casting, rehearsals, technical rehearsals, and performances
  • Talent Management: Coordinating the casting process as well as recruiting the best-fit artists and technicians for your project’s unique goals and parameters  
  • Marketing & Publicity: Collaborating with marketing teams to create promotional materials and launch marketing campaigns that meet your audience-building goals

By combining creative expertise with practical knowledge, I can help you bring your project to fruition, delivering high-quality content that resonates with audiences. Start telling your story today!


Booking Information

Acting Coaching: $40 for 30 minutes & $60 for 60 minutes

Producer & Project Consulting: $50 for 30 minutes & $75 for 60 minutes

**Please note that all sessions are booked in hour-long time slots regardless of session length.

All initial sessions take place over Zoom. For Chicago-based clients, we can discuss in-person options for follow-up sessions. 

The tools to achieve your storytelling goals should be accessible to everybody. Please reach out using my contact form to discuss sliding-scale payment options.


“Being able to work with Elizabeth is, in a nutshell, a gift. They coach with intense curiosity rather than judgment, empowering you to discover the raw truth in any piece of text. After just 30 minutes of working together, my understanding of my monologue had strengthened significantly, and I felt much more confident in my performance. Elizabeth also made themselves available to me even after our coaching session, which made me feel like I had someone else on my team even in the audition room. I will definitely go to Elizabeth again!”

-Clara F., Actor

“Elizabeth masterfully guides the energy of the room…I’ve never seen a director have such a clear vision and desired outcome while still fostering such a positive, affirming, and collaborative culture in the rehearsal room.”

-David R., Composer

“Elizabeth is a passionate and dedicated storyteller with a keen eye and spirit for accomplishing whatever vision a project may have. I have watched Elizabeth work tirelessly to organize, teach, learn, adapt, gather resources, and manage humans in order to achieve the best possible art making for both audiences, creators, and performers. They are a kind and compassionate producer who brings warmth to the room and support to everyone involved in the project. You will be heard, cared for, and listened to when working with Elizabeth as they bring both their immeasurable skills and talents, and their warmth and understanding to every production.”

-Adam Q., Actor/Dramaturg

Our time: 11:27 am

Our time: 11:27 am