Merrily We Roll Along Princeton University Players | 2012 Photo Credit: P. U. P.

…I heartily recommend this show. It is clear that Swanson has taken painstaking effort with many aspects of the production. Creative staging and efficient application of the neutral set pieces saved the visuals from seeming too sparse. Similarly, frequent and dramatic costume changes helped emphasize the passage of time and differentiate between the surprisingly extensive list of minor characters. But beyond the technical aspects, “Merrily” is simply a wonderful time. There was hardly a moment when I wasn’t feeling some sort of emotion in response to the devoted performances of the leads. Do yourself a favor and catch this show this weekend — you certainly will not be let down.


Chris Doubet

The Princeton Paw

Creative Team

Director: Elizabeth Swanson
Music Directors: Katie Dubbs & Anthony Sacco
Assistant Music Director: Emily Whitaker
Stage Manager: Ariceli Alfaro
Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Hammer
Production Manager: Izzy Kasdin
Assistant Production Manager: Joseph Labatt
Set Designer: Christina Campodonico
Lighting Designer: Eric Falcon
Sound Designer: Christina Henricks
Master Builder: Josh Haecker
Props Designer: Molly O’Neill & Christina Henricks
Costume Designers: Abigail Kelly, Emma Boettcher & Paul Fanto
Rehearsal Pianists: Emily Whitaker & Steven Tran

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