Where All the White Sneakers At? Second City | 2017 Video Credit: Sean Ely

Devin Middleton, a fellow Artists Lab alum, approached me in 2017 with a sketch show they’d written for the Skybox Theater at Second City. Devin felt very convicted that the show should be cast with only queer and/or BIPOC comedians. At the time, the main Chicago comedy venues were all incredibly white and straight. Actually, they still are! Where All the White Sneakers At? was a side-splitting, hilarious show, and I loved directing every single sketch.

Filmed and Edited by Sean Ely on July 15th, 2017 at Donny’s Skybox in The Second City Training Center

Creative Team

Writer: Devin Middleton
Director: Elizabeth Swanson


Jillian Ebanks
Shantel Hamilton
Devin Middleton
Shelby Quinn
Jordan Stafford
David Tarantino
Becca Tham

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