The Artist’s Lab Stage 773 | 2016

I was selected through an application process to gather a team of writers and performers to create and perform four brand new hour-long comedy shows during fall 2016.

Murder, They Wrote – August 2018

A sketch review contemplating murder in its many forms – from the urge to murder your coworkers to a multi-generational feud between a human family and a murder of crows.

Stop the Insanity: A Low Fat Murder Mystery – September 2018

The year is 1993. Bill Clinton is newly elected and his top campaign aid, Rebecca, books a relaxing vacation on the world’s smallest cruise ship. But her vacation is interrupted when one of the passengers is brutally murdered. Can she figure out who done it before the passengers run out of Snackwells and 90s pop culture references?

Trick or Trump – October 2018

A Halloween sketch review featuring Clinton/Trump debates, Cubs bad luck charms, and ghoulish drunk, basic bitches.

Volunteer Comedians at Sketchfest – January 2019

A compilation of our favorite sketches, featuring the drunk, basic bitches returning for some winter fun.

Creative Team

Ricardo Angulo
Amber Bakeberg
Stephen Bromfield
Brett Flynn
Reina Hardy
Rory Leahy
Erika Magnus
Devin Middleton

Jessica Brill
Stephen Bromfield
Maggie Dempsey
Kimberly Florian
Nicholas Hodge
Alison Limke
Devin Middleton
Josh Otusanya

Director: Elizabeth Swanson

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