Directing Credits

6 (2015-2018)


Assistant Directing Credits

7 (2014-2017)


Workshops, Readings & Festivals

13 (2015-2018)


university works

10 (2012-2015)

“Director Elizabeth Swanson has chosen a really engaging, intelligent, compassionate, contemporary and non-sentimental play for her memorable contribution to the New Directors Festival…This is the type of pared down, no frills show that gives black box theatre a good name… Swanson responds to the script with just the right kind of punk ethic.”

-Liam Heylin, The Cork Daily Echo

“What would you do if you spent 40 years locked in a windowless room with a schizophrenic, self-flagellating fanatic while experiencing divine visions? Hildegard of Bingen changed the world.“

-Chicago Fringe Festival