Hildegard Live Album Available for Purchase

JUL 21, 2020

The Hildegard Live Album is now available for purchase on Bandcamp! The songs on this album are selected from Hildegard: An Unfinished Revolution, a musical I’ve been developing with Ethan Krupp and Davyd Reddyk for the past 2 years.

So what is this album? It’s not the official cast album, though it is sung by the Original Chicago Cast. Think of this Hildegard live album as a concept album. Like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Or even better: Anaïs Mitchell’s 2010 “Hadestown.” We envisioned a stand-alone album that features major ideas and musical motifs from the show. The musical is still in development with sweeping changes being made to the book and score. But for now, after 2 years of development, this album is a pretty accurate representation of what the show is “about.”

I’m so grateful to all the Chicago artists who have poured their time and passion into this muiscal-in-development. Sending so much gratitude and thanks to the performers and band as well as Heidi Joosten, our intrepid music director and Miles Comiskey who mixed and mastered the album beautifully. The creative team is hard at work on a new draft of the book and score. Keep an eye out for this gorgeous musical as it continues growing and speaking to our moment.